Recovery Blogs & Sites

A by-no-means comprehensive collection of the efforts of some of my favorite people on the ”recovery-friendly Web.” A work in progress. 

A Different Kind of Sober

I quit drinking alcohol in November 2011. What I’ve learned is that there is no one right way to approach sobriety. People have different reasons for drinking and different reasons for quitting, and there’s usually a lot more trouble brewing underneath the surface than simply the booze itself.

Mary Killian: High Wire Girl

"I can choose to feel good about who I am. Every morning, I remind myself that I have this choice. Options are awesome. I suppose I can decide to feel like shit if I want to. But why on earth would I do that? It just doesn't make any sense."

Rocket Fuel

Coffee, Recovery, Life… Sober since 2008, Kendra (of Rocket Designs with husband, Simon] is evangelical about breaking the stigma and taking the message of recovery to the masses.

The Unruffled

We recover through creativity. We live an intentional life. We thrive.

Grab a cup of tea. Bring your sketchbook, your knitting, your favorite record. Come tell us your story. There's always an open chair.

Sobr Soldier

The writing and artwork of recovering addict, Aaron Lee Perry—mixing "words and art, nostalgia and truth, and the profound and profane."

AfterParty Magazine

"…our goal here is to not only help addicts find the treatment they need but also to help as many people as possible (including us!) discover what healthier living can be like. In other words, if the party you went to devolved into the worst after party imaginable, we’re hoping to help make the real after party we’re covering here the best of our lives."

The Sobriety Collective

"…a living, breathing community (hence, the "collective") of awesome SOBER people, making contributions in music, film, writing, fashion, technology, business, comedy, photography/art, philanthropy, education, fitness, whoever YOU are. I believe I have a lot to contribute: ideas, music, love, friendship, my general quirkiness and zest for life.  And snort laughs."

Sober Courage

Magz Shores'  inspirational blog about celebrating life in recovery, with a focus on early sobriety, surviving Friday nights sober, sober parenting, personal growth in sobriety, dealing with the social stigma, and so much more! Join Magz on the journey from liquid courage to sober courage, one day at a time!

Message In A Bottle

UPDATE / Mid-2015: Paul doesn't blog much anymore but he does have a podcast now.

However, his posts are a treasure trove of deep, recovery-focused thought.

The Adventures of a Sober Señorita

Kelly Fitzgerald, the Sober Señorita, shares stories of "hope, love, and strength" along with her resources and experiences in navigating the rocky road of sobriety.

Transformation Is Real

"One of the joys of writing is continuing the conversation with others who not only want to hear my story, but share their own stories of transformation. Transformation Is Real serves as host for other writers to share that real transformation is available and within the grasp of anyone."

Waking Up The Ghost

After ten years as a functioning (and then not so functioning) alcoholic, Marilyn Spiller is "trying my hand" at sobriety and attempting to find the humor in her past as an active alcoholic. Marilyn is a "temperate in a tipsy world!"

And Everything Afterwards

There was alcohol. Now there is afterwards.


I am learning to walk without the crutch of alcohol.  I began writing this blog on my first day of sobriety.  Gulp. I drank quietly in private and have managed to quit just as privately. The purpose of this blog is to help make me accountable and, as it turns out, to encourage others along the way.

Laura McKowen (I Fly at Night)

The first three decades of my life were spent moving away from myself, and the last three years have been my journey back home. I’m documenting it here. For you, and for me. My mission is to show up and stand in the light every damn day I can. Without hiding my holes and bruises. Yes, this is a story about addiction and recovery. But it’s really a story about reclaiming life.