Stories That Got Me Through

The one that started it all. It pulled me out of my denial and probably saved my life.

Drinking: A Love Story
By Caroline Knapp

The one that showed me it was healthy—and necessary—to laugh about it.

Dry: A Memoir
By Augusten Burroughs

The one that, regardless of it's veracity as non-fiction, I found inspirational.

New Voices of Recovery. (And SRN Guests.)

How I Got Sober: 10 Alcoholics and Addicts Tell Their Personal Stories: From the AfterParty Archives
By Anna David, Lucy Morrisette, Danielle Stewart, Melissa Petro, Susanna Brisk, Patrick O'Neil, Tracy Chabala, Sevasti Iyama, Allison Hudson
Hearts and Scars: 10 Human Stories of Addiction
By Jake D. Parent, Chrystal Comley, Chris Aguirre, Nicola O'Hanlon, Dustin John, Kelly Fitzgerald

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