If You Can Stand the Heat, Get Interviewed at Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

I can, and I did.

Writer, blogger, weight loss success, recovery warrior, Olivia Pennelle, has fast made a name for herself while carving out a unique space on the #RecoveryFriendlyWeb with her probing and insightful interview series on her site, Liv’s Recovery Kitchen.

“It’s fucking amazing.”

Look people, I don’t just make this shit up.

Sherry of Sober Mom Writes showered the Since Right Now Podcast with praise in a recent post.

“I have fallen in love with these three guys.”

“It’s like an AA meeting with cross-talk (which is awesome).”

“It’s fresh and honest and raw and much needed in our sober community”

“One of their recent guests said she felt like she’d been chatting with rock stars. I couldn’t agree more.”

With accolades like this we just may end up really being The addiction recovery podcast your sponsor warned you about™