If You Can Stand the Heat, Get Interviewed at Liv’s Recovery Kitchen

I can, and I did.

Writer, blogger, weight loss success, recovery warrior, Olivia Pennelle, has fast made a name for herself while carving out a unique space on the #RecoveryFriendlyWeb with her probing and insightful interview series on her site, Liv’s Recovery Kitchen.

“It’s fucking amazing.”

Look people, I don’t just make this shit up.

Sherry of Sober Mom Writes showered the Since Right Now Podcast with praise in a recent post.

“I have fallen in love with these three guys.”

“It’s like an AA meeting with cross-talk (which is awesome).”

“It’s fresh and honest and raw and much needed in our sober community”

“One of their recent guests said she felt like she’d been chatting with rock stars. I couldn’t agree more.”

With accolades like this we just may end up really being The addiction recovery podcast your sponsor warned you about™

The Sober Señorita’s Favorite Addiction Recovery Podcasts

Here's what Kelly has to say about The UnOfficial Podcast of Addiction Recovery™

Chris, Jeff, and Matt make up the Since Right Now recovery podcast and it’s the one I listen to most. Every (Thursday) I’m checking SoundCloud like a crazy person to see if a new one comes out and if it hasn’t yet, I’m disappointed.

I love this trio not only because they are down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and cool, but because they each bring their own unique view to the pod. They always have the Who’s Who among recovery community authors, bloggers, and activists on their pod. They believe that many who have struggled with substance use disorder are innately creative and this fact is proven by listening to all of their talented guests. I’ve learned about and explored new blogs, artwork, and websites thanks to these guys and their awesome pod.

They are truly the foundation of a recovery revolution and are doing bigger and better things every day.

Check out all of Kelly's favorite addiction recovery pods.

We’re in Ocean Recovery Centre’s Year-End “Top Recovery Blogs You Absolutely Must Follow”

Last year Ocean Recovery Centre (UK) published a year-end list based on Twitter metrics that in their own words favored industry ‘heavy weights’.

This year they set out to showcase smaller and more useful sites and bloggers.

So, this year Ocean Recovery examined the quality rather than the size of their audience to curate this year's list of what they feel are the best recovery blogs. <— Their words!