“I said, ‘God, I'm not going to make any promises because every promise I've made, I've broken.’”


Freddy Negrete

Legendary tattoo artist Freddy Negrete is best known for his pioneering black-and-gray tattooing style, honed while he was serving time in the California Youth Authority in the 1970s. Profiled in numerous TV programs and magazine articles Freddy, a gifted and natural-born artist, was transported from the confines of prison cells onto the sets of major Hollywood films such as Batman, Blade, Con Air, Austin Powers and Falling Down. But then, after years of success in the motion picture industry, Freddy found himself back inside again: in Folsom maximum security prison, suffering heroin withdrawal and tattooing for packets of soup. His autobiography, Smile Now, Cry Later—co-written with Steve Jones—depicts his addiction and recovery story and was released last year.

Smile Now, Cry Later (Amazon)

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Last Man Standing on iTunes

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Our intro, Cradle, and outro, Memory, graciously provided by musician-in-recovery DJ FM from his album Last Man Standing. BeatsandBeyond.com calls it: "…diverse…atmospheric…deeply melodic…"

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