Recovery Podcasts

A curated collection of podcasts of individuals and groups that provide insight into staying clean and sober and helping others do the same.

Rebellion Dogs Radio

w/ Joe C.

Less Dogma, More Bite: 12 Step Life In 21st Century Language.

AfterParty Pod

w/ Anna David

For addicts who are willing and need treatment to be able to hear about the feelings and thoughts of others in recovery.

Anna David is writer of books, articles, emails and tweets on addiction and recovery. She is CEO of The After Party Group

The Bubble Hour

Real People. Real Stories. Real Hope.

Podcast talk show about alcoholism and recovery.

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w/ Paul S.

Buzzkill is about life, through the eyes of recovery.

Click to listen on SoundCloud.

Click to listen on SoundCloud.

Addiction Unscripted

w/ Matt Mendoza

A Narrative Addiction Recovery Podcast.

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Sober Nation’s Podcast Network

Rehab placement site, Sober Nation, has followed our lead and put together an addiction recovery podcast network of their own featuring four pods that I haven't yet listened to enough to form an opinion but if you're looking for something to supplement the exceptional podcasts here or our offering on the Since Right Now Podcast Network they might have what you're looking for.

NOTE: Though neither of the above two are currently on the SRN Network, Chris designed both covers.