The Spoken Joint

Jam in your earbuds and let the gravelly baritone of recovery wash over and through you.

The Wasted  Poet, Aaron Lee Perry, crafts potent recovery poetry, prose, and music. You’ve been warned.

High Wire Girl

“…captivating, exuberant, joyfully irreverent, broad and deep and hilarious and beautiful…judiciously sprinkled with expletives.”

That was my prediction. Listen to Mary Killian’s podcast then tell me if I was wrong. 

You’re Killing Me!

The pod that lived too hard too fast and somehow managed to burn out and fade away. At least we'll always have the Lana Del Rey episode.

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It was right there in the tagline, folks.

"The Sound of Change."

It began—and had a brief initial run on SRNN—but now Buzzkill has a new home.

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