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Jean McCarthy / Unpickled & The Bubble Hour

Jean Greer McCarthy is creator of the wildly-popular, recovery blog, Unpickled; a cohost of recovery podcast, The Bubble Hour; and a monthly columnist for

Sober since 2011, Jean lives a very active life in Alberta Canada.

A Note from Chris:

Once again, Chris ignored the common wisdom to "never meet your idols and/or never podcast with your influences" and asked Jean to join us. She graciously accepted. There's also an open invite to the whole TBH crew to do a TBH/SRN mash-up episode that would surely wreak havoc to the very fabric of the space/time continuum.

I would also like to note that Jean authored the beautifully powerful sentiment that I have used to guide me as I participate in the #RecoveryFriendlyWeb: 

Resist the urge to be entertained and instead let yourself be moved. Something beautiful has been happening here. Maybe it’s time you knew.

—Jean / Unpickled