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Ivana Grahovac / Transforming Youth Recovery

We are honored to welcome the powerfully impassioned youth prevention and recovery champion, Ivana Grahovac.

Ivana Grahovac is the executive director of Transforming Youth Recovery and has served as the director of The Center for Students in Recovery (CSR)—a recovery resource and support center for students in all stages of readiness to change—at the University of Texas at Austin since 2010.

In role as executive director of TYR, Ivana continues to inform the growth and support of the national collegiate recovery movement, and provides oversight for the five strategic areas of focus for Transforming Youth Recovery: school-based recovery support for higher education, high schools, and community colleges, as well as life skills initiatives, family education, and K-12th grade prevention and intervention.

If you missed it you can still watch Ivana speaking at the Hazelden Betty Ford Capitol Hill Symposium: Preventing Opioid Deaths Among Young People.