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Laura Silverman / The Sobriety Collective

Laura Silverman is the founder of The Sobriety Collective, a resource and blog created to celebrate recovery in all its forms. In 2007, at age 24, Laura pulled a 180 and went from insecure, anxious binge drinker to newly-minted sober 20-something. This scary (but, for her, absolutely necessary) step catapulted her into a journey of long-term recovery. She may not be a card-carrying member of AA, but Laura will always have gratitude for the program that welcomed her with open arms and helps millions of others around the world. She believes in the raw power of storytelling and thanks Koren Zailckas, Sacha Z. Scoblic, Caroline Knapp, Kristen Johnston, and Sarah Hepola for their fantastic memoirs of addiction and recovery.

Laura absolutely loves the #RecoveryFriendlyWeb in all its glory and is super-pumped for the new recovery movement’s UNITE to Face Addiction in Washington, DC this October. Laura also spits fi-yah on a karaoke mic.

You can find out more about Laura at @wearesober on Twitter, The Sobriety Collective and in her story here on KLĒN + SŌBR