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Sean Paul Mahoney / Playwright, Humorist

Sean Paul Mahoney has been a writer, humorist and storyteller since he learned how to speak. He didn't actually start getting paid for these things,however, until he got sober in 2009. Since then Mahoney's two original comedies, Casual Encounters/Missed Connections and The Singing Room enjoyed successful sold-out runs in Denver in 2012 and 2013, respectively. A collection of Mahoney's one-act comedies, A Fairy's Tales debuted last summer while other short works continue to be submitted, rejected and sometimes even accepted by playwrighting festivals around the country. Mahoney and his husband are the co-founders of Horse & Cart, a theatrical production company dedicated to new works. Mahoney's writing can next be seen in Your Heart is a Radio, a monologue mixtape debuting this fall and in a collection of his writing about recovery entitled, Sparkleholic to be released in 2016. To keep his lights on, Mahoney works as a social media manager and freelance copywriter. 

Like most addicts/alcoholics Mahoney is best enjoyed in small doses so following him on Twitter or reading his blog is probably the way to go.