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SRN Recording: Mary Killian / Author

Mary in her own words:

My name is Mary Killian. I’m an alcoholic and addict in long-term recovery.

I am very forthcoming about my history and journey. I want people to know the Real Me.  To trust that even though I’ve seen and done some sketchy things, I have great potential.

I’m just a regular person; I’m not rich or super smart. But thanks to a unique combination of simultaneous efforts, I’ve been able to find sobriety and sustain it for fourteen years and then some, if I count today. I have become a strong and hopeful girl. Why would I not want to share what I know?

Mary has just published her first book, The Roustabout Heart: Adventures in Recovery. You can read her short piece, Le Bête Noir, here on The Recovery Revolution and you can read more from Mary on her blog, High Wire Girl.