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SRN Recording: Kendra & Simon / Rocket Designs

Simon & Kendra got sober in October 2008. They both got their start in AA, then their recovery paths diverged. Although they approach recovery from different angles, they agree that recovery saves lives. Every day. 


Simon says:

My family, my friends, my career, my mental and physical health—they are all tied directly to the changes that have happened as a result of taking the 12-steps. The work involved was terribly difficult. By far one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. But, the results are indisputably amazing. A miracle, truly.

I rely on the AA fellowship—admittedly sometimes more than others. But, I always feel at home at a meeting. It is where I belong.


Kendra says:

I am one of those DIY recovery folks. I got sober in AA. The folks in the rooms showed me a sustainable way of life that put me in touch with my Higher Power, taught me acceptance, and helped me find peace. 

Two years into recovery, I stopped going to meetings. I got a good therapist. I got involved in my faith community. I became an avid runner (now an avid yoga-er). These practices, and staying honest and close to my Higher Power, helped me continue to grow and to live into recovery. 


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