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SRN LIVE! Charlotte Rose Coyle

NOTE THE SPECIAL TIME: 9:00 AM < Because we'll be talking to Charlotte from Derry, Ireland.

Image courtesy of Charlotte via  Instagram

Image courtesy of Charlotte via Instagram

On day one of her sobriety—originally a planned 90-day detox challenge—Charlotte had the foresight to document the clarity and anxiety of that momentous occasion. Now, just over 2 years later, she has a dedicated following of what have become infectiously exuberant recovery updates.

Charlotte is a professional makeup artist and beauty writer in Derry, Ireland whose experience as a plus-size Wilhelmina Model in NYC led her to question, “What is beauty?” The self-acceptance and self-love that she’s found in the answer has inspired her to work to inspire other women to feel beautiful and confident as a whole person not only for what‘s on the outside.

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