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Since Right Now LIVE! Jennie Nelson / Off the Rocks UK

Hello, my name is Jen and it’s been almost 3 years since I last drank alcohol.

I’ve worked in the media industry most of my adult life, (predominantly as a journalist and radio presenter) I created my brand Off The Rocks after I’d gone through my own experience with alcohol addiction and my subsequent recovery from it. Off The Rocks is a collection of modern resources for people who are sober curious.

From personal experience, I understand how stigmatised and woefully misunderstood addiction is and how hard it can be to find the right help. I don’t believe that recovery from addiction is a ‘one size fits all’ process, neither do I believe that it should have to be endured anonymously.

My ambition is to help and inspire people recovering from any type of addictive tendency and to prove that the journey to sobriety can be an inclusive, positive, applauded and supported, superior life choice. That it’s a radically creative real-life, real-time adventure.