“How many special people change? How many lives are living strange? Where were you while we were casting pod?”


Matt & Jeff & Chris

[Clockwise from top left]

Jeff tries to convince Matt and Chris to go see A Star Is Born.


  • Thanks for joining us to all our new LIVE! listeners.

  • We bestow the title of "Mayor of Chat Town" on Ron

  • The chat room had a lot of thoughts on other movies featuring alcoholism.

  • Sean Paul Mahoney's astute observation that in all 4 iterations of A*IB the "star" never thinks to attend and Al-Anon meeting.


Wellbeing Brewing Co.

The Wellbeing Brewing Company plans to bring the world great tasting craft beers of all varieties, styles, seasonals, and tastes, all without alcohol!

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Last Man Standing on iTunes

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