S.A.H.D. ness

About the Artist & Writer

George Ricciardella

George is a Los Angeles based writer, illustrator and Stay-at-Home Dad (S.A.H.D.).  He is also an addict in recovery.  He came to on November 12th, 2013 after countless attempts to handle his addiction through via his own willpower.  After a gift of desperation that took the shape of his son's crying face, he was finally done and ready to take the necessary steps to change.

His new life bears little resemblance to his old.  As an active husband and father, he's constantly attempting the balance of life and recovery.  Initially, it seemed the miracle was the change in him and how his life dramatically started to improve.  It's now clear that the real miracle is in helping others as he was so freely helped.  The cycle of love never ends and there is always more to be learned if you just stay in it.


We will be featuring George's work as it pertains to recovery. However, you can see more of George's work chronicling his life as a Stay-at-Home Dad to Jack on his site: