The Unruffled Podcast

with Sondra + Tammi

The Unruffled Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Sondra Primeaux and Tammi Salas that explores all topics relating to creativity in recovery. When an addiction is removed, there is a void that is left and this show digs into all of the ways to fill that void.

Addiction Unscripted

with Claire Rudy Foster

Where does addiction come from? Who does it affect, and how? The Addiction Unscripted podcast investigates the stories, current events, political and policy changes, and new discoveries related to recovery, addiction, and living sober. Episodes are shared weekly.

Drop the Needle

Hosted by Mike Verlie, Paul Fuhr & Sean Golden, it's where music, addiction and recovery intersect.

It’s like “All Songs Considered” for recovering alcoholics and addicts…only with way more talking and, sometimes, a point.

Sloshed Cinema

An irreverently reverent podcast examining substance use, abuse, and misuse in film.

With writer, humorist, storyteller and sober cinephile, Sean Paul Mahoney.

Bad Story

Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before…

With a format (and a release schedule) that’s constantly in flux, the one thing you can count on from Bad Story is that Laura Silverman will explore the intersection of addiction recovery, mental health and creativity with exuberance.

Real Sobriety

5MAAT—For those days when you need a little help getting to ODAAT.

Robert McClellan delivers real fun-sized power bars of recovery insight five minutes at at time.

Sober Courage

Sober parenting, sober marriage (and sober divorce), sober living. A pod about life in recovery.

With Magz Shores, the stigma-fighting, recovery advocating, founder of!

Short-Run Shows

The Spoken Joint

Jam in your earbuds and let the gravelly baritone of recovery wash over and through you.

The Wasted  Poet, Aaron Lee Perry, crafts potent recovery poetry, prose, and music. You’ve been warned.

High Wire Girl

“…captivating, exuberant, joyfully irreverent, broad and deep and hilarious and beautiful…judiciously sprinkled with expletives.”

That was my prediction. Listen to Mary Killian’s podcast then tell me if I was wrong. 

You’re Killing Me!

The pod that lived too hard too fast and somehow managed to burn out and fade away. At least we'll always have the Lana Del Rey episode.

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It was right there in the tagline, folks.

"The Sound of Change."

It began—and had a brief initial run on SRNN—but now Buzzkill has a new home.

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